What to do ?

    When my camera went in for a lobotomy

When one is used to having one’s camera around within arm’s reach, or, as in my case, almost ‘surgically attached to my hand’, sending said camera in for repair or service, can be a daunting prospect. The loss of a pet dog, a close friend or a family member is one side of the emotional coin. One can, in time, come to terms with such loss, as painful as that journey may be.

When it is a temporary deprivation, with no indication of when the camera will be restored (oh, it should be a few days, says the camera techie) to one’s hot hands, tenterhooks become painful. That deprivation, without any sense of a timeline, is a vexing situation in which to be.

Life can only get better, but in the dark and deep depression into which you have fallen, such an eventuality seems remote. If there was a glimmer of indication of the end of the tunnel, you could pace yourself. You could temper the overpowering urge to gnash teeth, rend your clothes or tear your hair from your head in frustration.

It is during this time that the battle between the two lizards that live in your rockery comes to an end – the bigger lizard eats the smaller lizard right in front of your eyes. The nest of Witogies with two eggs that you have been keeping an eye on for the last few weeks, is now a nest with two chicks being fed by doting parents. The Cape of Storms then unleashes the Mother of all storms and the breakwater at Kalkbay is breached, and all the fishing boats in the harbour are sunk.

Eish !

Any other times of your life, incidents like these are quickly and easily covered. Camera in hand you dash out and snap away and all is hunky-dory. Sod’s Law as you well know, has other ideas. “If anything bad is going to happen, it will”. And so, you must soldier on.

“Well, this gives you time to clear the roof gutters, weed the lawn, trim the hedge and repair the front gate’” says the wife. Oh, doesn’t she know the angst you are going through ?

You could not possibly be able to concentrate on anything. You would not possibly be able to contribute anything meaningful to the world.

Or, you could write a piece on how to survive the period your camera is in the repair shop !


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