Muscle Moment


A while ago my DSLR needed a service and so I was compelled to make use of my old Canon FX analogue camera with a 50mm lens. Over the years of its service I had added to my lens armoury - first a 300mm telephoto and later, a 28-85mm f2.8 zoom.

Made of steel, and to last, the camera and, say, the zoom, weighed in at a whopping 1.6kg ! After an hour or so photographing, I developed a cramp in my arm – I was truly out of shape and needed to limber up if I intended weathering the period my DSLR was to be in the workshop.

My Olympus E-620 DSLR plus an equivalent lens, weighs in at a svelte 825 grams and I was just not used to lugging a brick around with me any more. In my youth perhaps, but in my later years I need to watch myself around heavy machinery.

What this preamble is all about is that the weight (or lack of it) of photographic equipment nowadays has made us quite unfit and allowed our muscle mass to atrophy. Gone are the days of bulging biceps and firm frames.

I remember an occasion when my old Canon tipped off the edge of the table at a coffee shop and fell, and a friend rather heroically put his foot out to cushion the impact. He could not wear a shoe for well over two weeks as, at first, his big toe swelled up, went through the various colours of the rainbow, and then the nail fell off. If that happened today with my modern camera, and you did not get your foot in under it before it hit the floor, the camera would have been a write-off.

A weighty subject no doubt, but cause for concern.

How flimsy can photographic equipment become before it becomes a serious health hazard ?


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