Still Waters



I am often moved by some of the photos I see either displayed on websites dedicated to photography or just on the many social network sites. Some of the images are made by accomplished photographers, but there are many taken by Joe Soap. Without all the technical tuition ‘needed’ to capture a good shot. These folk produce photographs not necessarily captured with sophisticated gear, but with a simple Compact, and in many cases a Smartphone.

The innate ability that many people have in seeing a potentially good photo has been brought to the fore as a result of the introduction of photography to the otherwise ‘unlettered’ general masses. It is an ‘us’ and ‘them’ in the world of photography – those that have a DSLR, and the Rest.

The rules and conventions, the technical know-how and the lack of deep pockets certainly does not deter these new photographers. They have the eye and they will deliver images that will amaze. The hoi-polloi have muscled in on the sanctified turf of the established photographic community.

Who would have thought that a phone camera with a pea-sized lens and practically no controls would become such a success ?  Quirky, out-there photos were the realm of the flaky creatives. The shoot-from-the-hip-in-the- general-direction-of-the-subject-and-let’s-see-what-happens doctrine, was just up their alley.

Since then, they have not looked back.

If they did, they would have found yet another odd photo to take.


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