The CSC System

A Completely Simple Camera


The new kid on the block is taking the photographic world by storm. This little ball of fire is light, compact and has all the bells ‘n whistles of its big brother, the DSLR -Interchangeable lenses, Manual controls, Wi-Fi, GPS etc, and in many cases at a fraction of the price of one, and in all case so much lighter.

The CSC. The Compact System Camera.

The mirrorless ones.

Well, let me put the record straight. While the technology and materials used are mind-blowing they are in keeping with what one would expect in 21st Century, but the idea of a dinky pocketable camera is by no means new.

Some time in the 1930s, when cameras were usually the size of shoe boxes, the CSC was thought of – a Completely Simple Camera.

I recently acquired just such a one, a Zeiss Ikon Tengar Baby Box camera.

It weighs in at just 225g and its size is 80x60x50mm.

Looking at the photo of it; that thing on the top of the camera is the viewfinder. Electronic, Optical ? No, folks, just a see-thru ! That wingnut on the side is the film wind-on. The small (low-profile ?) lever further down on the side is the shutter release. That thingy just in front of the film wind-on allows one to do extended exposures, you know, the Bulb setting. There are two tripod mounts – one for Portrait and one for Landscape photos.

It has an f6.3 lens, takes A8 film, and that’s it. Finish en klaar.

How much Simpler do you want it ?

Cute, hey ?


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